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PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising (Pay-Per-Click)

Pay Per Click Advertising

We offer pay per click advertising for Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
Which platform that you use for your pay per click advertising can depend on your service and industry.

We are Google certified for ad words and analytics and we are also customer acquisition experts with Facebook Instagram and LinkedIn. The benefit of pay per click advertising is instantaneous results on getting targeted traffic to your website. We are experts at generating leads for our clients through these methods. Many of our clients will utilize pay per click advertisement in addition to traditional SEO services, for a well-rounded marketing program. We have seen huge numbers for clients utilizing Facebook and Instagram. So, it is no surprise that we recommend the social media paper click more heavily. However, if you are in the corporate sector LinkedIn typically is a better fit for advertising to corporations and business minded individuals.

Google AdWords

Te benefit in using Google ad words for your paper click advertisement is that you can assure yourself of page 1 results on Google instantaneously. Your ability to stay on top of page one for your Google advertisement will be dictated by your budget. So, if you are bidding on your keywords high enough and you have enough budget you can assure yourself of having page 1 positioning on Google. This is particularly beneficial while you are doing and SEO campaign and waiting for the natural results to kick in. Search engine optimization and moving your site up the search engines can take 4 to 6 months minimum to start seeing page 1 results. However, with a Google pay per click campaign you can achieve page 1 results immediately. The vast majority of our clients that run ad word campaigns in conjunction with an SEO campaign will call down what they are spending with ad words once their key terms start to move into page 1 positioning. With the end goal being eventually spending very little or no money without words which are key terms reach page one.

Facebook / Instagram

We are wildly excited about the potential with Facebook and histogram advertising. The low-cost clicks as well as the click through rates and precise targeting available with Facebook is a marketer's dream. With over 1.7 billion users daily, Facebook has a huge market to tap into. Facebook owns Instagram which means you can set up your ad campaign on Facebook and running on Instagram simultaneously. A bit of a two-for-one. Typically, within the first few days of activating a Facebook campaign we are seeing clicks and calls and lead generation for our clients. We like to think of Facebook more as direct marketing for the Internet. Which falls in line with our goal to be a lead generation marketing company for all our clients. Because at the end of the day the only metric that really matters is how many phone calls you are getting or lead forms you're getting filled out.


LinkedIn is particularly effective for the corporate sector. If you are looking to find other corporations or businesses, if you are looking to find executives or folks there trying to network B2B, and LinkedIn is the perfect platform for your advertising campaign. We typically see the best results with the newsfeed advertisements versus the right column advertisements.

What to Spend?

As far as budgeting, we have had clients with ad spend budgets as little as $1000 per month and we have had clients that are spending $30,000 per month. We typically don't recommend doing pay-per-click advertisement unless you have at least a $1K to $2K per month budget for the ad spend. Our fee to manage the ads is separate and the client always pays the ad spend. We always do research and analytics to determine what your competitors are spending to give you a good idea of what you should be making your budget. But standard marketing mathematics still apply, any company should be budgeting somewhere between 5-15% of their yearly gross revenue for marketing campaigns if they expect to grow. Example: if your company grosses $500,000 per year then you should be budgeting $25,000 - $75,000 per year for your marketing. This can vary from industry to industry, and there are no fast and hard rules, but it is still an effective number and budget to shoot for.

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