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Local Marketing

Local Marketing Houston

Local Marketing

We offer comprehensive local marketing packages at Local SEO Houston. This includes everything necessary to dominate your local area. Everything from map listings business citations pay per click advertisement on-site optimization and social media presence.

Google 3 pack

This is the 3-pack listing of maps that you see a Google search directly under the paper click ads. Our local listings package is meant to promote your listing on Google maps. The goal being a position in those top three so that you can increase your page 1 visibility and increase targeted traffic to your website thus increasing your leads. For local listings to be most effective it is important that you have either a brick-and-mortar location or at least a corporate address in the area that you are trying to dominate. If not, you may wish to get a virtual office in order to have an address in that area. If you want to effectively target multiple areas, then you will need to have locations in each of the areas that you wish to market to. While there are things that we can do on your website to promote individual pages for locations that can be very effective; the fastest and most effective methods are when you do have a separate address and phone number for each location that you want to market to.


It is possible pay per click ads that we can target particular areas this is a good option if you don't have individual addresses and phone numbers for each of the areas that you want to saturate. You can target those areas to paid advertisements again to get more targeted traffic and leads to your website. This can be more expensive than the local listings package but is a very effective way to target areas where you are actually not located. If you are interested in doing pay-per-click we recommend that you have a minimum of $1000 to $2000 for your ad spend each month.

SEO and Social Media

Another effective component of the local marketing we offer is to make sure that you are running search engine optimization on your site and that you have a strong social media presence. We are experts in SEO and have the skill set to get your site to the top of the search engines for the terms and areas that you are trying to focus on. We also offer social media management and marketing through our sister company social media Houston. We can help effectively build a strong social media presence by posting on your behalf building and engaging with your targeted audience and assisting reputation management. The search engines have strongly started integrating your social media markers over the last two years in determining were websites rank. So, having a strong social media presence not only can help build your brand awareness and build a community around your brand but it also can directly affect your rankings in the search engines.

Local SEO Houston would love to help you to dominate your local area. Contact us today and we can discuss the best plan of action for your company.

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Search engine optimization will help your site rank higher in the search engines and therefore get more of that targeted traffic to your landing page.

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